Instron Technologies
Oct 17, 2023

Mastering Chemical Process Design: A Comprehensive Guide to Efficiency and Sustainability

Process design and optimization play a vital role in creating and improving the manufacturing processes for chemicals and related products. Chemical process design includes several stages, including conceptual design, process development, detailed design, construction, and operation. The ultimate goal of chemical process design is to develop a cost-effective and safe process that can produce high-quality products at a high yield.

Milind Saindane
Aug 14, 2023

India’s Transformative Journey in Defence Manufacturing

Armed forces are essential to the very existence of any nation, boosting and maintaining its self-respect and power. One essential component, which makes armed forces confident are the power of its ammunition and related mobile and stationary equipment. Traditionally, India had been net importer of all ammunition and related equipment’s. This had exposed the vulnerability of our forces besides us becoming good users of multiple technologies and makes of systems. However in the last few decades, due to the offset policy adopted by the government, some level of local manufacturing has started.

Instron Technologies
Aug 1, 2023

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Industry 4.0: A Guide to Choosing the Right IoT System

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, the implementation of Industry 4.0 technology has become crucial for manufacturing plants. With the advent of industrial automation and the availability of reliable 4G/5G networks, Industry 4.0 or IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) systems enable users to monitor and optimize critical assets, leading to enhanced productivity, quality, and sustainability. However, with the multitude of suppliers offering these systems, selecting the right one can be a daunting task.

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