• Instron Technologies needs talented individuals who are eager to take on greater responsibilities, grow with us and develop a strong technical foundation.
  • Our employee welfare program covers trainings, get-togethers, Quarterly Meetings to bring awareness about social responsibility and team-building programs, which successively benefits an employee for personality development.
  • To join our team, Please email us your Resume or CV at careers@instrontechnologies.com
    ** Send your Resumes in PDF format.


Our Culture


Why Instron

In Instron we offer various training to our employees. Instron´s strategy is to provide lifelong training and development for our employees. We are open to individuals looking for new challenges. This provides employees with a wider range of knowledge and the opportunity to exchange knowledge, which in turn helps strengthen our total expertise, making Instron even better.

Courses for new recruits; "Induction program"

The purpose of the introduction program is to ensure that all new employees gain a basic knowledge about Instron. The program comprises an introduction to the organizational structure and the different sectors and departments.


Course for employees

This program comprises basic training in several subjects to the Freshers or to employees with little industrial experience. For more experienced employees we provide advance courses in several subjects.

Life@ Instron

Instron Firmly believe that A healthy work-life balance can improve your physical, emotional, mental health and creates a positive attitude amongst employees. It also acts as the real source of great morale, a enormous stress buster, creating a difference in the tedious work schedule and aids work with a smile.

Life is not all work and boredom at Instron. Instron employees regularly participate in various events like sports championships, events, Trekking etc.


Have a question or need any assistance?

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