Digital Factory Solutions

Instron technologies enables digital transformation in manufacturing industries with industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions powered by industry 4.0.
Assistance to accelerate plant efficiency and productivity by reducing the cost of operations, utility consumptions and losses is the primary motive of our solution.
The industry needs to provide a quick response to deviations from Standard Operating Conditions to minimize the revenue loss and ensure effective use of skilled manpower.

How IoT Systems Works?

Customised Dashboard

  • Process Parameters
  • Production - Plan Vs Actual
  • Machine Downtime(OEE)
  • Plant Health
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Live Trends

Customize Reports

  • Utility Summary Report
  • Machine Performance Report
  • Condition Based Monitoring Report
  • Production Report
  • Operator Performance Report
  • Machine Downtime Report

Alerts & Notifications

  • All KPI Deviations
    (High/Low or On/Off)
  • Push Notifications on Android & iOS Devices
  • Email Alerts


Over existing System

Machine Production reports
  • Precise hour/slot wise production to track hourly performance
  • Paperless work (minimal operator intervention) with history for more than 2 years….in current system paper logs are scrapped.

Precise Action plan through Root Cause Analysis
  • Pi chart indicating Quality/Productivity/Availability loss highlighting significant areas of improvement.

Operator performance report
  • With supervisor and machine name in same report.

Downtime calculation
  • Actual downtime values against planned break times.


Increased machine availability
  • Diagnosis – pinpointing the failure through alerts, On-The-Go.
  • Prognosis – gauging the parameter behavior and informing users in advance.
  • Better communication between cross functions because of paperless methods.

Improvement of system
  • Understanding the failures and its pattern by knowing the history of the machine maintenance.
  • Help in making future action plan repair/replacement/upgrade of assets.

IoT for Organization

  • Traceability of all process, material and people related variable for every wheel shipped out for root cause analysis
  • Cost optimization using benchmarking of energy consumption across all sections.
  • Productivity analysis and improvement
  • Reduce overall maintenance costs up to 30%
  • Eliminate breakdowns up to 70%

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