Bi-axial Machine Testing

The hydraulic power system test bench –

The electro-hydraulic thruster brake is a heavy-duty brake, designed to withstand the severe conditions of heavy-duty machinery in various industries.

Energizing the electro-hydraulic thruster releases the brake shoes from the drum. When the electro-hydraulic thruster is de-energized, the brake is activated, as the levers apply the brake shoes to the drum. We have developed the Test Bench System for electro-hydraulic thruster brake. The test bench is equipped with various sensors including Energy meters, Pressure sensors, Temperature sensors, Position sensors, and Load cells to evaluate energy losses and efficiency. This system assists to measure various parameters like Motor temperature, Oil temperature, Pressure of motor, Load in thruster body, Displacement of spring, and Atmospheric temperature as well.

Instron technologies supply variety of motor test benches for OEMs for ensuring the quality of the product before delivery.

Wheel (Truck wheel) life cycle/fatigue testing. It is tested with real time simulation of road condition which may cause wheel/rim to damage. In this test, following parameters are measured:

Horizontal load (Force)
Vertical load (Force)
Report generation facility as test certificate


Truck wheel testing
Car wheel testing

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