We assist processand manufacturing plants with industry 4.0 enabled Traceability Solutions. Suchsystems help customers defend warranty claims or improve operations. Along with traceability requirements, our system delivers the savings to meet your internal KPIs like OEE, Uptime, and Energy efficiency.

Types of Part Traceability Solutions :

Laser Marking/Engraving
Dot Pin
RFID Technology
Barcode Stickers

Key Features :

To address customer queries, or for further process studies, each defect, or series of defects can be linked back to specific combination of the 3Ms (Man, Machine, Material) and timeline.
Real-time Status of each work centre, and each work piece.
Know precisely what factors have led to how each part had been produced.

Benefits :

More transparency and accountability in the supply chain.
Energy benchmarking and improvement.
Root cause Analysis.
Productivity enhancement by loss identification.

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